The "Danube Delta" Ecotourism-Museum Center


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45°10'48.7"N    28°48'20.6"E

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Located near the town’s embankment, the Danube Delta Eco-Tourism Museum Center, together with other two museums, the Muslim mosque, and other buildings-patrimony, is part of the cultural centre of Tulcea town. The center comprises a permanent exhibition which mainly shows elements specific to the actual natural patrimony of the Danube Delta Reserve, a public aquarium and various temporary exhibitions. The aquarium shows a collection composed of 24 indigenous species of fish from the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, 23 reef species of fish, 8 marine species of invertebrates and 12 coral species from Indonesia. Through a system of two cylindrical aquariums, concentrically disposed, you have the possibility to experience the existence in the middle of a reef, surrounded by fish and corals of various and impressive shapes and colours.