A monument to Erekle II and a 900-year-old plane tree


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41°55'02.4"N    45°28'35.2"E

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Erekle II

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Erekle II is the favourite king of Telavian people. This statue of Erekle II, which has become a symbol of the city, was erected on the eastern territory of "Batoni Castle" in the Soviet period - in 1971. In 1958, sculptors created various models of the statue of Erekle II. In the end, they selected the one of the king with a sword in his hand, on horseback and bare headed, i.e. without the "Eastern hat".

A natural monument, the historic plane Tree, has been around for almost 1000 years. There were vineyards, orchards, huge pools with fountains and floating swans situated in the surrounding area in the 18th century. The garden here was intended for the entertainment of the nobles and ambassadors of foreign countries who visited the palace of the king Erekle II. In the 19th century, feasts were held by the Telavi community in honour of prominent people who came to Telavi under a plane tree. Various polyphonic songs were sung during the feasts.