Imera (St. John Prodromos) Monastery


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40°32'07.6",N   39°35'12.8"E

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Imera Monastery, also known as St. John Prodromos Monastery, is located in Olucak Village of Gümüşhane province. According to written sources, it is thought that the work, which has a domed basilica plan, was built in 1350. According to a repair inscription that has survived to the present day, the work was repaired in 1859 by Sister Roxane. According to the 19th century photographs, it is seen that there are various structures around the church, which is surrounded by a perimeter wall. It is understood that the surviving church was the main church (catholicon) of a monastery dedicated to St. John Prodromos. The work, which took its current form with the restorations carried out in 2019, is a very important structure with its rich decorations and monumental domed architecture.