Letea Forest


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45°18'11.0"N    29°30'35.2"E

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Letea Forest, One Of The Fairy Tale Sceneries In Dobrogea

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Letea is the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe, with a specific flora, including ten species of orchids and several types of lianas that give the false feeling that you are in the jungle and not in Romania. Another attraction of the Letea Forest is the secular oaks, the oldest oak is considered to be around 780 years old, the rest around 400-500 years old. About 2000 wild horses live in the Letea Forest. In the Danube Delta you can find some of the few sand forests in Romania, one being the Letea forest. The Letea Forest, together with the Caraorman Forest and the Danube Delta, holds the third place in the world in the number of plant and animal species, after the Galapagos Archipelago and the Great Barrier Reef.