Aegyssus Fortress


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45°11'08.1"N    28°48'55.0"E

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Ancient Aegyssus is located northeast of the city of Tulcea, encompassing the area of the ‘Parcul Monumentul Independenței’ and its vicinity. The rocky massif with the ancient city is the highest point overlooking the lower run of the Danube. Aegyssus was, above all, an important garrison for troops — detachments of the legio V Macedonica and the Roman fleet of the Danube (classis Flavia Moesica) — securing this border region of the Roman Empire. In the second half of the third century AD, it was the seat of an auxiliary unit, the cohors II Flavia Brittonum. During the late Roman and early Byzantine periods, the fort rose to a position of importance in the defensive system of Scythia, becoming the seat of some military units from the legio I Iovia as well as a cavalry unit. The extramural parts have been levelled and destroyed by public works on various occasions ever since the nineteenth century.