Enisala Fortress


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44°53'02.6"N    28°50'07.5"E

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Enisala Fortress, The Only Medieval Citadel In Dobrogea

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Enisala is located on the proximal margin of the Danube Delta and this site has experienced huge landscape, costal metamorphosis from rocky cliffs to leaky lagoon.

The fortress is located in an archaeological complex with many vestiges from the Neolithic era until the Middle Ages and which impresses with the size and solidity of the walls.

Based on construction techniques, the archaeological material and the historical realities it has been assumed that the only ones interested in building a fortress within the northern fortification system in Dobrogea, facing the sea to control naval traffic, were Genoese merchants, who had large amounts of money earned from trade and who were holders of the Black Sea navigation monopoly.