Chisinau, The Pedestrian street Eugen Doga


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47°01'39.8"N    28°50'12.4"E

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The only pedestrian street in Chisinau

Statues of lovers on the Pedestrian Street

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The Pedestrian street in Chisinau has the name of the famous Moldavian music composer – Eugen Doga. His song "The White City" is the official anthem of Chisinau. Two waltzes by Eugen Doga are included in the top 200 best classical works of all the times. At the top of the street starts Cathedral Park with the architectural pearl of the Metropolitan Cathedral. On Pedestrian Street is located the exhibition with sales of handicrafts. The pedestrian street "Eugen Doga" is a place for promenades, spending time with friends, and a romantic area. Statues of two lovers are placed at the beginning of the pedestrian zone, transforming the location in a meeting point and a place for pictures.