The Peasant House Ethnographic Museum, Orheiul Vechi, village Butuceni


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47°18'05.7"N    28°58'06.8"E

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The Peasant House

Ethnographic Museum and Peasant House

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Typical household arrangement for Butuceni village – dates back to the 19th-20th centuries. The household comprises a main residence, the so-called bașca, cellar, loznița, râsnița and other adjacent elements. The territory of the house dwelling is fenced with a stone wall separating the Moldovan peasant from the rest of the world. No more, no less than it would have taken a household – each construction had its purpose: the cellar was for storing supplies, bașca served as the summerhouse, loznița was a special oven for fruit drying, and râsnița was handy in grinding the cereals – without technology and digital displays – just pure manual work. Are you intrigated? Then come and see how an authentic farm in Butuceni works!