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Philippi, Archaeological Museum 
Archaeological Museum Of Philippi


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The city of Philippi marked, through its timeless presence, the development of both the Roman Empire and Christianity, and for this reason it is an important landmark for Western civilisation. Philippi is associated with outstanding historical figures and events that shaped Western civilization. The city founded by Philip II became the theatre of the battle that in 42 BC determined the political future of the Roman state and subsequently flourished as a Roman colony, and was also the city where, in 50 AD, the Apostle Paul founded the first colony on European soil.

The Museum is presenting the phases of Philippi starting with the prehistoric settlement of Dikili-Tas, Krenides, the Thasian colony before Philippi, the city of Philip, “Via Egnatia”, the most important road in antiquity in Macedonia and Thrace, the daily life and life after death, the Roman colony and its religious, public and private life and the end of the Roman city. The circle completes with the Christian city and its religious, public and private life.