Octagon Complex


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N 41°00'41.9" E 24°17'03.9"

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The Octagon at Philippi
Ruins of the Philippi Octagon


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The first block east of the Roman Forum of Philippi is taken up by the Octagon complex, which extends over an area of about 12 hectares and includes the Metropolitan church (Cathedral) of Philippi (dedicated to Apostle Paul) and its annexes. The Octagon succeeded the Basilica of Paul in the late 4th century AD (about 400 AD) following the Basilica's destruction by fire. Thus, this simple church was succeeded by the monumental church with octagonal plan which grew to become the emblematic pilgrimage church of Philippi. The Bishop’s residence occupied the block (insula) east of the Octagon. It was sizable a secular building with four wings of rooms and an enclosed courtyard in the centre.