Family cellar and Georgian supra, Kakhetian wine, Tamada Institute


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41°54'56.0"N    45°28'41.6"E

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Family wine cellar Rostomaant Marani

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"Family Cellars" are equipped with appropriate infrastructure and a hall, and are visited by the tourists to end their tour in Telavi. Old houses in Telavi have cellars everywhere and pitchers of different sizes are preserved in them. In Georgia, wine was drunk very often. This is where the Georgian Table Institute ( tradition) is introduced. In ancient times, October was called "wine month" in Georgia. "Georgian traditional supra / puroba culture (Georgian supra)" is spread throughout Georgia, both in cities and in rural families. Traditionally there is no any type of supra ( table) -wedding, birth celebration, church day, funeral repast in Georgia, without a tamada. Georgian supra with its tamada has been the subject of attention of many scholars and travellers. Georgian supra and Georgian wine are important tourist resources.