Shuamta Monastery Complex


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41°54'39.3"N    45°24'20.7"E

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Old Shuamta Monastery complex

Dzveli (Old) Shuamta Monastery

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The Shuamta monastery complex is one of the cultural heritage monuments of Kakheti, which preserves many episodes of the struggle to save the Christian religion and European values. Apart from the fact that the monastery complex served as a fortress, it was a shelter for women and children, which was not easily accessible to the enemy. The monastic complex includes: the 5th century basilica; Domed church of the 7th century, Mtskheti’s Jvari type, A small domed church of the 7th century. In the 16th century, the old Shuamta monastery was emptied. Near it, the daughter of Tinatin Guriel, the wife of Kakhta king Levan II (1520- 1570), founded the new Shuamta. The main temple of New Shuamta, the brick church is cross-domed in plan, painted inside.