"Old Telavi"


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41°55'17.1"N    45°27'54.7"E

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Modern Telavi is built on seven hills. The first settlement on the territory of Telavi appeared in the Late Bronze Age. The first was inhabited the western part of Telavi, which is called "Old Telavi". Here are the ruins of St. George Church after the name of Gorijvari. According to the legend, "Gori Jvari" or Gora ( hill) and Jvari is the name of this place and the church, because the cross made from the remnants of the pillar made of the sacred pillar of Svetitskhoveli in Mtskheta rested here, which was considered to be very sacred. The street named after the craftsmen - "Bidzina Cholokashvili" in the vicinity of "Kadori hill" leaves the impression of a city street of the 19th century. The main activity of the people living here was trade and handicrafts.