Samtavro Monastery


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41°50'47.1"N    44°43'06.5"E

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Samtavro Nunnery

Samtavro Monastery

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Samtavro is one of the most important and remarkable monuments of Mtskheta from the historical and cultural point of view. The complex includes several buildings: the main church, St. Nino's Church, a bell tower and a fence with a tower. Currently, the church named after St. Nino, built in the XI century, stands on this place. Samtavro Monastery was originally a monastery of monks. There has been a nunnery/ convent here since the beginning of the 19th century. During the Soviet era, when worshipers and believers of the Orthodox religion were persecuted, temples were demolished, nuns secretly lived in the temple courtyard to save the monastery. They were decorated like workers and tried to protect the monastery building. There is currently a nunnery here.