Svetitskhoveli Cathedral


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41°50'32.9"N    44°43'14.6"E

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Svetitskhoveli Cathedral - UNESCO

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

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Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is the most important monument of Georgian culture, art and architecture. According to the legend, its name derives from the fact that after the crucifixion of Christ, his robe (garment) was brought from Jerusalem to Mtskheta. Over time, a sacred liquid - Chrism – flew down from the column that cured people from all diseases. That is why it was called the "pillar of life" - or "granter of life" and the temple was named after it- Svetitskhoveli. Construction of the modern Svetitskhoveli Cathedral began in 1010 and was completed in 1029 nineteen years later. Although the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral was whitewashed in the 19th century by the order of Russian priests, the church still has unique frescoes and bas-reliefs depicting vines and grapes and sundials.