The Church of St. Stephen


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N 42°39.47139', E 27°43.99036'

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The medieval church of St. Stephen, also known as the "New Bishopric", is located at the southern end of the Old Nessebar. It was built in the period 11th - 13th century. The church was initially dedicated to the Holly Mother and the wall paintings represent scenes from the Holy Mother’s life. The date of the church’s painting (1599) is marked on a donator’s inscription, situated above the southern door of the naos.

There are 258 mural paintings and more than 1000 figures. Scenes from the Miracles of Christ, according to the Gospel legends are given in all range. An original painted iconostasis, dated back to 16th century and wood-carved throne and a pulpit from 18th century are preserved in the church. Because of its architectural style, iconostasis and remarkable mural paintings, the church “St. Stephen” is one of the most important culture heritage monuments in Bulgaria.