The Fortification Wall

01-1-bgThe town-fortress called Nessebar /Mesembria/ is one of the most ancient cities in Europe. It was founded...

The Archaeological Museum

02-1-bgThe Archaeological Museum is situated in the old town of Nessebar right after the entrtance of the main gate.

The Church of St. John the Baptist

03-1-bgThe Church St. John the Babtist is one of the most preserved churches from the Middle Ages in Nessebar.

The Early Byzantine Baths

04-1-bgThe Thermae (Baths) were discovered during excavations in 1973 - 1975 and lately in 1998-2001.

The Church of St. Spas

05-1-bgThe Church of "Holy Saviour"or "St. Spas" is a small single nave and single apse building, 11,70m long and 5,70m wide...

The Church of St. Sophia

06-1-bgThe Church St. Sofia, known as The Old Bishopric, is situated on the place supposed to be the old Centrum...

The Ethnographical Museum

07-1-bgThe Ethnographical Museum represents the life and living of the locals during the last two centuries,...

The Church of St. Stephen

08-1-bgThe medieval church of St. Stephen, also known as the "New Bishopric", is located at the southern end of the Old Nessebar.

The fishing routine

09-1-bgFishing is old as people live here and is a living power for their cultural development.

The mission of Pope John XXIII in Bulgaria

10-1-bgNessebar is proud to be one of the places where "the Bulgarian Pope" Monsignor Roncalli, as it was his name,...